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First thing you should know is that I specialize in NBA basketball. Basketball is the holy grail of sports betting. NFL is great, but with NFL if you have a losing day you have to wait a week to re-coupe. NBA and MLB is EVERY night!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm strong at Football and Baseball as well.

My stratagy on wagering is very simple. If you stick with very simple rules you will be profitable. Don't get too complicated.

I believe in playing larger number of games vs smaller. I believe the potental for profit is greater than loss.

I may not believe in lock or guaranteed games to win, I do believe in strong and stronger games.

I have a 3 * raiting system based on your standard play. With profit you will increase the wager size with time.

2* = your lowest bet (I do not release many of these)

3* = your standard bet (I use this as my standard)

4* = a game you really like:)

5* = This is as strong as it gets.

As bankroll increases these sizes go up.

For example you bet 50 a game. A 2* game would be 100, and so on.

As you win over time you up it....maybe 50 becomes 75, and soforth.

Too many people make the mistake of blowing a load on a Lock only to have to win 10 or more games just to get it back.

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